Stay Calm as well as sometimes Pop Your Collar

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I’ve never been a huge collar-popper. as well as by “never been a huge collar-popper” I mainly imply that if the capability to ridicule popped collars were a expert sport, I’d be vying for the olympic team.  However, this has less to finish with an actual hatred of popped collars as well as much more to finish with the truth that randomly conjuring up images of Mike “The Situation,” Fonzie, Danny Zuko as well as 90’s frat bros is both very simple as well as very fun.

In reality, I’ve always vacillated between diverse levels of loathing as well as loving the phenomenon.   growing up, one of my impeccably dressed aunts would often don the most beautiful, crisp blouses as well as jackets with popped collars — as well as on her, it was impossible to do anything however adore the look.   

Thus, it’s important to note that not all popped collars are produced equal.  Since today marks the first official sighting of the polarizing popped collar on The stylish Cubicle, I believe it’s essential to make the distinction remove between unacceptable popped collars as well as acceptable popped collars:  

If you encounter someone sporting a popped collar in an attempt to look “cool” while extolling the accomplishments of his or her high school tennis team, holding a can of natural Light, and/or attempting to headbutt you or anybody in your instant vicinity, kindly repress gag reflexes as well as step away.    

If, however, the collar popping occurs without affectation as a tasteful, deliberate styling flourish to highlight the silhouette or outlining of a shirt, blouse or jacket, then by all means, pop away. With the onset of popped collars (especially in menswear) that frequented both spring as well as autumn runways in the past year, it may be just the best begin the pants (or shirt, rather) that your ensemble needs. Har jag rätt? Jag har rätt.

(Note to self: casually utilize the noun “flourish” much more often.) 

For even more discussion of the popped collar phenomenon, please (re)read the traditional as well as extremely entertaining 2011 debate in Esquire between Michael Nguyen of Postmodern Gentleman and Fred Castleberry of Unabashedly Prep.  Here’s a highlight: 

Michael Nguyen: I can’t even believe we’re arguing if popping a collar is okay. We online in a post-Jersey-Shore society these days. That show has permanently scarred our sartorial psyche. […] Remember: each time you pop your collar, a kitten somewhere starts fist-pumping. 

Fred Castleberry: Does popping a collar have a location in style? Absolut. Is that location inside your home in the jersey shore house? absolut inte.

Important Note: Today likewise marks the very first day sandals have been found on The stylish workstation (read: earth Shattering Day on The stylish Cubicle: very first Collar Popping, now Sandals, What’s Next?).  just like all things, it’s essential that you judge whether sandals of any type of kind are suitable for your work environment.  In my office, they are only acceptable on summertime Fridays, as well as should be on the dressier/more conventional side like those imagined here.  For other professions, they may be much much more commonly acceptable, particularly those in warm climates.  If your work atmosphere is extremely formal however, you may never be able to get away with sandals.  Appropriateness on this subject varies across occupations as well as geographies, so this one’s on you (sorry).  If you’re not sure, then prevent them up until you are sure–i.e. you’ve seen one of your well-dressed female superiors sport a pair.  The only widely applicable footwear guidelines for the office are discussed in workstation Crimes #5 and #6 which include the classification of flip flop sandals as a universal “no,” unless you’re a life guard.   

Blouse: H&M c/o; Necklace: H&M c/o, Jacket: H&M c/o (similar here); Pants: Theory; Armband: H&M C/O; Ringar: H&M C/O; Earrings: Vintage; Shoes: nine West (also like these); Solglasögon: Prada; Polish: Essie (Big Spender)

Lastly, today’s ensemble continues my partnership with H&M in honor of their on the internet buying introduce in the US.  If you haven’t already been participating in their 50 specifies of Fashion Contest, you may want to get in on it.  Just submit a picture of yourself on instagram using H&M as well as label it with #HMShopOnlineXX, where the XX means your house state.  Be sure to see the 50 specifies of Fashion microsite where you can browse the gallery of labelled instagrams, vote for your preferred looks as well as indication up for H&M fashion news to get a special on the internet discount rate from H&M.  The most-voted instagrams will get $250 H&M gift cards as well as the grand prize champion will win a trip to nyc as well as a buying spree of $1,000 at H&M.

Trevlig fredag!

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